Food Review: Thaikhun

Last week I decided to carry on exploring some of the new additions to the Metro Centre’s restaurant section following its recent refurbishment. I’ve already tried Five Guys and Byron Burger – both definitely work checking out – however this time I decided to try something a little more exciting.

Thaikhun, which describes itself as “your Thai restaurant” offers a Thai street food experience inside of the shopping centre. The interior is adorned with Thai bric-a-brac and has an open kitchen, instantly transporting you to the streets of Thailand. I love how much thought restaurants put into their interior and theming now, and Thaikhun definitely follows this trend.


The open kitchen and Thai street theming at Thaikhun.

I visited around noon and checked out the lunchtime offer menu. The deal offered consisted of a starter and main course for £10.50, which I think is a great deal for a chain restaurant. There was not a great deal of options on this menu, however I think the food offered provided a great variety of well-known Thai food with offerings such as vegetable spring rolls, Thai fish cakes, Phad Thai and Geang Kiew Wan (Green Curry).

I was accompanied by my mam, who ordered Thai fish cakes and Phad Thai, opting to pay extra for prawns in her main.


Tod Man Pla (Fish Cakes)

The fish cakes were presented beautifully with a selection of vegetables, sliced chilli and chopped nuts. They had a very meaty texture but the fish taste definitely came through, as well as a strong lemongrass flavour. The portion size was generous, with around six or seven of these fish cakes being served.


Phad Thai Goong (Phad Thai with Prawns)

The Phad Thai was again a very generous portion, with more chopped nuts on the side. This is a classic Thai dish done well – simple but delicious.

I decided to order from the main menu after one of the main meals caught my eye, but first I decided to try the vegetarian dumplings.


Ka Nom Jeeb (Vegetarian Dumplings)

I love steamed dumplings and always order these when they are on the menu, for instance the gyozas at Wagamama’s. The dumplings at Thaikun were steamed perfectly and slightly chewy, with a very tasty filling. The dressing that they were served in was made up of soy sauce and garlic, again with a sprinkling of chopped nuts. They were surprisingly filling and I was quite full after eating the five or six that I was served.

One of my favourite takeaway meals and my favourite meal to cook at home is chicken stir fried with lots of vegetables and cashew nuts. When I saw a similar meal on the menu, I knew that I had to try it. The meal consisted of lightly battered chicken, vegetables and cashew nuts, so I decided to order a side of rice noodles to bulk it up a little.


Gai Phad Med (Chicken with Cashew Nuts) with rice noodles.

Again, the food looked great. I love all of the colours in Asian cooking, and the plates that the food was served on were also very pleasing. The chicken was served in a sweet chilli sauce which was just the right combination of sweet and spicy, and the vegetables were deliciously crisp. The batter on the chicken was very light, and combined with the rice noodles this was a refreshing meal which didn’t weigh me down – perfect for lunchtime.

Altogether, we really enjoyed our food at Thaikhun at the Metro Centre and would strongly recommend trying it next time you’re shopping.

Where do you go to refuel after a shopping trip? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,



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