I Left My Heart in San Francisco

I can’t believe how long ago my holiday to California and Las Vegas was. The weather here at the moment is a million miles away from the sunshine we enjoyed over there!

The trip was an epic two week adventure across San Francisco, Monterey, Santa Barbara, Disneyland California and Las Vegas. You may know from my previous posts that I love Disney, so visiting the first ever park was such an incredible experience. I’ll write a blog post all about this (and maybe show you some of the things that I bought) soon, but for now I want to focus on what I found was the highlight of my trip: San Francisco.


We were incredibly lucky with the weather while in San Francisco – it was comfortable in the mid-twenties and, whilst usually foggy, it was clear enough to see across the bay every day. The Golden Gate Bridge is something I’ve always wanted to see in person, and it is incredible and so beautiful up close. We drove across the bridge listening to Otis Redding as the breeze blew into the windows – it was so picturesque.

The Golden Gate Bridge

I really enjoyed the Fisherman’s Wharf area as this was somewhere I was intrigued to experience. We had fun watching the sea lions and then visited the famous Boudin’s Bakery. The shaped bread all looked amazing and I ordered chilli in a sour dough bread bowl, which was delicious.

The Sea Lions at Fishermans Wharf
Sourdough Creations at Boudin’s Bakery
Chilli in a Sourdough Bread Bowl from Boudin’s Bakery

We used Dylan’s Tours for a six hour long tour around San Francisco, Sausalito and Muir Woods (perhaps more famously known to some as the Forest of Endor in Star Wars). I couldn’t recognise this company enough – our tour guide was so knowledgeable and entertaining. As well as generic information, he knew some really interesting and random facts and anecdotes about the areas we drove through and visited, such as the history of Tenderloin and why there are no chain stores in Chinatown. Visiting Sausalito felt like being dropped into a small town in the Mediterranean, and Muir Woods was a serene break away from city life. We also visited Haight-Ashbury and one of the city’s many parks. San Francisco is home to more dogs than children, which is incredible to think about! The park was full with dogs enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. The tour was $99 per person and worth every penny.

Haight-Ashbury-San Francisco
Muir Woods

The last highlight of the trip for me has to be Alcatraz. I was looking forward to our visit to the jail however it completely exceeded my expectations. The audio guide was narrated by former prisoners and prison wardens and there were two live talks: how the prison doors operated and the types of weapons created and used by prisoners. We went on an evening tour and so by the end of our visit the building was almost empty, silent and dark. It added to the eerie atmosphere in the perfect way.

Alcatraz Jail-Prison-Cells-San-Francisco
The Cells of Alcatraz
The Last Meal Served at Alcatraz Before Its Closure

I would go back to San Francisco in a heartbeat and I know that this is somewhere I’d like to return to with my boyfriend. There is so much culture and beauty in the city and I would highly recommend visiting yourself.

Have you been to San Francisco before? If so, what was your favourite part of the city?


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