Birthday Getaway!

Last week I said goodbye to twenty-one and celebrated my twenty-second birthday. Wanting to make the most of the celebrations, my boyfriend and I took the day off work and had a long weekend in Grasmere in the Lake District.

We stayed just on the outskirts of the town centre at the Daffodil Hotel. I was greeted with a card, chocolates and two full size bottles of Molton Brown shower gel – all for my birthday! This was such a lovely touch which I was not expecting. The toiletries in the bathroom are all Molton Brown also so even if it’s not your birthday, you’ll still get your fancy toiletry fix!

Our Molton Brown goodies!

We spent a lot of time in the pool and relaxation room, which was a perfect way to spend a lazy weekend. The pool was shallow and had various tiled beds and seats, as well as a magical button that when pressed caused bubbles to erupt.

The relaxation and pool room was a perfect place to unwind with a book.

The food in Grasmere was amazing and was always accompanied by beautiful views. I would definitely recommend 1769 Bar and Restaurant for dinner. We chose a pizza with chorizo, pepperoni and peppers and a sweet potato and spinach risotto – both were absolutely delicious.

Pizza and risotto at 1769.

We also enjoyed breakfast, dinner and delicious cocktails in the Daffodil Hotel. The customer service in this hotel is second to none and I’m already dreaming of returning.

Breakfast with a view of the lake.

On our last day, my birthday, we made the most of the beautiful weather with afternoon tea in the Wordsworth Hotel’s garden. The afternoon tea was delicious and the scenery made it all the sweeter.

Afternoon tea at the Wordsworth Hotel.

Altogether I loved relaxing on my birthday getaway – curling up with a book, relaxing in the pool, eating good food and drinking prosecco! Where’s your favourite place to sneak away to for a weekend to unwind? Let me know in the comments!


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