A Dog is for Life | Adopting a Rescue

I have always been a huge lover of dogs, and grew up with a black Labrador. She was quite crazy and a little naughty – being so young and inexperienced, I realise now she probably didn’t get the training that she needed. Sadly we had to say goodbye to her in 2014, and life has always seemed a little emptier since. Coming home isn’t as exciting without a little four legged friend to greet you as you walk through the door.

When my parents suggested getting another dog this year, I was so excited by the prospect. My sister adopted a black Labrador cross called Jet from Dogs Trust Darlington last year and seeing him get his second chance at a happy life made us realise how much we wanted to give a rescue dog that chance, too. So, we had a look on the Dogs Trust website and then headed off to Darlington to start our adventure!

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Life’s Grand at the Canyon

As you may know, I recently visited California and Las Vegas and had an incredible time. You can read about my experience of San Francisco here and I’ll also be writing a post about Disneyland California shortly, so make sure you’re following me so you don’t miss that!

I’ve always wanted to visit Las Vegas just to tick it off the list, but I can’t say that it was a place that I would visit again. Knowing this, I made it my mission to visit the Grand Canyon whilst here as if I didn’t do it on this trip I may never get the chance again.

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