North East Spotlight: No 5 Cocktail Bar

It’s probably no surprise to regular readers that I enjoy a cocktail or two. Living in Sunderland and having frequent trips out to Newcastle meant that I was spoilt for choice when it came to bars and restaurants serving these delicious drinks. On the other hand, the best that Redcar had to offer was Wetherspoons’ two for twelve pounds pitchers. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy sipping a pitcher of Purple Rain through a straw as much as the next person, but there was a definite lack of dedicated cocktail bars in the area. Luckily in the last year or so a number of bars have sprung up across the town, including La Rum Bar, Bar Eleven, and my personal favourite – No 5.


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North East Spotlight: Top Four Dogs Walks in Teesside

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I absolutely love taking my dog Fidget for a walk. I can be a bit of a couch potato usually and spend most of my time on my phone or iPad, but now I love getting out into the fresh air and connecting with Fidget on our walks twice a day. Our morning walks are a brisk thirty minutes around the neighbourhood and a nearby field, but on the evenings and weekends we like to venture out further for some fun adventures. I’m listing below some of my favourite dog walks in Teesside so you and your four legged friend can explore them too!


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North East Spotlight: Bannatyne Spa, Darlington

As much as I love autumnal settings – crunchy orange leaves, shiny brown conkers, cosy nights – the cold weather, wind and rain (thanks the North) can sometimes get me down. The dark mornings officially upon us and I for one am trying to save my remaining annual leave days for Christmas. Sometimes we just need a little pick me up and so this time of year I love to treat myself to a spa day on the weekend. One of my favourite spas to visit is the Bannatyne Spa in Darlington.


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North East Spotlight: Betty Leigh Boutique

If you live in the Teesside area, you may have heard of the regeneration happening in Redcar with the Northern Quarter. I love the new additions to the nightlife, with cocktail bars La Rum Bar, No. 5 Cocktail and Wine Bar and Bar Eleven, as well as Black Slab, a record and male fashion store. However my favourite addition to the Northern Quarter has to be Betty Leigh Boutique.



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North East Spotlight: Corned Beef Pie Recipe

My North East Spotlight series was created to showcase some of the best parts of the region, and as I mentioned in my 5 Things I Love About the North post, one of the best things our region has to offer is definitely the food. My work recently hosted a Macmillan Coffee Morning and the only thing better than baking is baking for charity (plus if you buy a cake and eat it you’re literally not allowed to feel guilt, because it’s for a good cause) so I decided to crack out a family recipe – the corned beef pie! This is a northern classic and is so easy to make. If you fancy the ultimate comfort food, keep reading for the recipe:


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5 Things I Love About the North

Welcome to my first post of Blogtober! I normally post once a week, so once a day for the whole of October is certainly going to be a challenge. Make sure you subscribe and follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin to keep up with the posts!

I was born and grew up in Redcar, moved to Sunderland for university and am now back in Redcar and working in Middlesbrough. I’m North East born and bred and can’t imagine ever moving away from the region. My aim in life is to have a Victorian house on the outskirts of Newcastle and walk my dog through Jesmond Dene. Bliss.

You may be familiar with my North East Spotlight series ((LINK)) in which I aim to shine a light on some of our area’s finest features. In this post I wanted to share a little insight into why I love the North East so much.


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North East Spotlight: Days Out With National Trust

I think a big part of the reason my boyfriend and I can’t save any money is because we always like to be doing something. While I enjoy binging shows on a night, I hate wasting my weekends stuck inside. In May we decided to visit Ormesby Hall, a National Trust property in Middlesbrough, and while we were there we ended up buying memberships for the year. As we’re under 25, we got a great deal – £32.50 each for the year.

We’ve been loving our National Trust days out and I thought I’d share some of the North East’s highlights.



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