13 Issues All Dog Owners Face

Owning a dog is great – you have a tiny friend who is always excited to see you and is always up for a cuddle. But fellow dog owners will know it’s not always easy – below are thirteen issues dog owners face.


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Food Review: The Smeltery, MIMA

I’ve written a post about MIMA in the past, but in case you don’t know, MIMA is the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art and is home to art installations, sculptures, paintings and other forms of art. The gallery is completely free to enjoy is a great way to spend an afternoon in Middlesbrough. I recently hosted a talk in Middlesbrough Town Hall and stopped by MIMA’s café, the Smeltery, beforehand.


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A Roman Holiday

I love looking back through old photos, and recently stumbled across the pictures from my trip to Rome last year. The trip was my present for my boyfriend’s twenty-first birthday and we spent three nights in June exploring the city. We had an amazing time exploring the city and celebrating both Liam’s birthday and the end of our time at university, as we jetted off just after our last exams. I thought I’d share with you some of our highlights.


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5 Things I Love About the North

Welcome to my first post of Blogtober! I normally post once a week, so once a day for the whole of October is certainly going to be a challenge. Make sure you subscribe and follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin to keep up with the posts!

I was born and grew up in Redcar, moved to Sunderland for university and am now back in Redcar and working in Middlesbrough. I’m North East born and bred and can’t imagine ever moving away from the region. My aim in life is to have a Victorian house on the outskirts of Newcastle and walk my dog through Jesmond Dene. Bliss.

You may be familiar with my North East Spotlight series ((LINK)) in which I aim to shine a light on some of our area’s finest features. In this post I wanted to share a little insight into why I love the North East so much.


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