I Left My Heart in San Francisco


I can’t believe how long ago my holiday to California and Las Vegas was. The weather here at the moment is a million miles away from the sunshine we enjoyed over there!

The trip was an epic two week adventure across San Francisco, Monterey, Santa Barbara, Disneyland California and Las Vegas. You may know from my previous posts that I love Disney, so visiting the first ever park was such an incredible experience. I’ll write a blog post all about this (and maybe show you some of the things that I bought) soon, but for now I want to focus on what I found was the highlight of my trip: San Francisco.


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North East Spotlight: Stewart Park


(Photo Credit: http://www.lovemiddlesbrough.com

Now that the sun is starting to shine and the gloomy winter days are (hopefully) dwindling, I’m already starting to think of plans for summer adventures. While my main adventure is the West Coast of America and Las Vegas in May (planning, packing and review blogs will be coming so don’t forget to follow!), I also love to take advantage of the warm weather by exploring the sites that my local area has to offer. In a series entitled “North East Spotlight”, I will be sharing some of my favourite parts of the North East in the hopes that you’ll check them out, too.

First up in this series is Stewart Park. Located in the heart of Middlesbrough, Stewart Park is 120 acres of  grass, trees, history, horticulture and wildlife. It receives a staggering one million visitors a year, and it’s not hard to see why.

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Adding Your Own Touches to a Rented Home

Last summer I took a big step in my personal life and took up a tenancy on a one bedroom flat. Whilst I have lived away from home for three years now, this was my first time living without roommates. I have absolutely loved the experience so far and have especially enjoyed personalising it to my taste. A large factor to take into consideration when thinking about renting is that decorating is very rarely allowed, however I have a few tips on how to add your own style to your new home.

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My Student Lock-In deals!

I (somewhat) recently went to my local shopping centre – The Bridges in Sunderland – for their Student Lock-In and thought I’d share my purchases with you! Student Lock-Ins are such an exciting event in most students’ calendars due to many high street shops offering out great discounts and I made sure to take advantage, mainly from the beauty retailers. Now that I’ve had the products for quite a while I’ve been able to discover what worked for me and what didn’t so keep reading to find out!

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