Woman of the Hour: Natalie Hailey, Hot Content

I’m so excited to share the second interview in my Woman of the Hour series. I met Natalie from Hot Content a few months back as she was leading on an SEO course. The course was so valuable and I went home and checked out Hot Content’s website and social media immediately. I was so pleased when Natalie agreed to take part in this series so that others could learn just some of what she taught me.


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North East Spotlight: Corned Beef Pie Recipe

My North East Spotlight series was created to showcase some of the best parts of the region, and as I mentioned in my 5 Things I Love About the North post, one of the best things our region has to offer is definitely the food. My work recently hosted a Macmillan Coffee Morning and the only thing better than baking is baking for charity (plus if you buy a cake and eat it you’re literally not allowed to feel guilt, because it’s for a good cause) so I decided to crack out a family recipe – the corned beef pie! This is a northern classic and is so easy to make. If you fancy the ultimate comfort food, keep reading for the recipe:


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Five Issues All Marketers Will Understand

I’ve been working as a Marketing Officer for around seven months now, although I’ve worked in roles with marketing elements for almost two years. I absolutely love my role specifically and working in marketing in general. Blogging and social media are already passions and hobbies of mine, so getting paid to do them is just perfect! There are tonnes of positives to working in marketing, however there can be some downsides. I’m sure fellow marketers can relate to my issues below…


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Woman of the Hour: Helen Kerr, Inner City Digital

Welcome to a new series on the blog entitled Women of the Hour, in which I interview women who have inspired me. I work in marketing and am lucky to have met some incredibly successful women in the sector and so many of the interviews will be with fellow female marketers.. I hope these interviews will give you an insight into their careers and hopefully you’ll learn something from them – I know I have!

My first interview is with Helen Kerr. Helen co-owns Inner City Digital, a digital marketing company which specialises in web design, SEO and SMO. I was recommended Inner City Digital by a friend who had some SMO consultancy sessions with Helen. As part of my current project at work, I also undertook an SMO consultation and the advice that Helen provided was invaluable.


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Graduation Throwback

It’s hard to believe that my graduation was over a year ago now – so much has changed since I walked across that stage and accepted my diploma! I graduated in July 2016 with a BA History degree from the University of Sunderland. I specialised in witchcraft in Early Modern England – you can read my dissertation here. It was hard work and although I never really doubted that I’d finish my degree, I did often wonder what state I’d be in when I finished!

My graduation was even better than I’d expected and – here comes the cliché – the tassel was definitely worth the hassle!


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