DIY Disney – Floral Mickey Ears

Before I went to Disneyland Paris in September 2016, I was on the hunt for a pair of Mickey ears. The accessories are quintessentially Disney and no true fan would be caught dead in a park without wearing them (ok, maybe a tad extreme – but they’re very cute). While the designs of the official Disney ears are beautiful, they can be on the pricey side and they can hurt your head after wearing them for a while as they’re typically created for children.

There are some amazing varieties on Etsy and I was blown away by the creativity of some of the sellers. However, a lot of the ones I liked came from America and so I knew I’d be hit with a high shipping charge and potentially customs charges, too. I decided to create my own and loved the results. I even had people coming up to me in the parks asking which Disney store I’d bought them from as they wanted a pair for themselves!

These ears are simple to make and so I thought I’d share a tutorial so that you too can be the envy of all other Disney goers!


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Chocolate Orange Fudge Recipe

I’m back with another recipe post, and this could be my favourite one to date. I first tried this Chocolate Orange Fudge at work, as my friend made it as her Secret Santa gift to another colleague, who kindly passed it around the office. As soon as I tasted it I needed to know the recipe, which she kindly shared. I made this for the family at Christmas and it went down a treat.


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Disneyland California Haul

There are so many things I love about Disney vacations – the food, the hotels, the parks, meeting the characters, watching the shows and parades… I could go on. But one thing I’ve always loved is the merchandise. I think my favourite place in the world is the World of Disney store in Disney Springs and every time I go to a Disney park I spend far too much money. I was excited to see the merchandise that Disneyland California had to offer, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed.


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North East Spotlight: No 5 Cocktail Bar

It’s probably no surprise to regular readers that I enjoy a cocktail or two. Living in Sunderland and having frequent trips out to Newcastle meant that I was spoilt for choice when it came to bars and restaurants serving these delicious drinks. On the other hand, the best that Redcar had to offer was Wetherspoons’ two for twelve pounds pitchers. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy sipping a pitcher of Purple Rain through a straw as much as the next person, but there was a definite lack of dedicated cocktail bars in the area. Luckily in the last year or so a number of bars have sprung up across the town, including La Rum Bar, Bar Eleven, and my personal favourite – No 5.


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